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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What Have We Discovered

me: I have set up my mind
My Friend: what
me: will do some research, either by myself or registering somewhere
My Friend: research = "search in Google"
My Friend: bloody people have already discovered / invented everything.. in 18th/19th/20th
me: but its nice to know all these things
me: and we will be closer to MOKSA
My Friend: ya - for own betterment only...true
moksa in unattainable
me: death sweet cool death
may be we have invented lot
but not the reality
moksa in unattainable - we can not say that
My Friend: why
me: bcoz we are far from the reality
we can not know the system being a part of it
there is a bigger world beyond our purview
My Friend: yes
but how do u get there
how do u break the bondage
me: thats the mystery
me: yes
My Friend: yes
me: may be we have invented lot of things
but its like a dustbin and red shirt in a room - the room is our world
My Friend: red shirt?
me: we are delighted to know different techniques of wearing shirt
and people are calling it innovation
My Friend: yes
me: but there is a big world beyond it
may be in different dimension
not in timeframe
My Friend: time or space
me: not in physical proximity
we are not close even to the basic truth
My Friend: hmm
me: DNA was created around 3.5 million years age
same as the living being
where is the correlations
My Friend: DNA code has been cracked
me: yes
but we only know the orientations of A G T C bases and there consequences
My Friend: hmm
me: its finding some streets
but why we have these streets
in which purpose it was created
why it changes and how
what law it followes
what is natures law
who controls it ?
is it automated
My Friend: yes


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