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Thursday, January 18, 2007

New Movie

Again, I am pretty much moved by watching one movie of virtual reality in Prithwis da’s blog ( This is the concept that was driving me for last few months, that whether we are real or not. My understanding is we are not, we are simply the part of a game, and we are also not perpetual. I know this topic can never be proven in a virtual world we are living. But if anything has an end, it is not real. Because, reality is beyond time and space and as old as OM, timelessness.
[What is the significance of the symbol OM?Om is more than an auspicious symbol. It is the Divine Sound, the first sound of Creation from which life emerged. Its chanting generates creative energy, divine energy, in all forms of existence, in all three states of the mind.]

Frankly speaking, it never matters whether we are real or virtual. We all have a destiny, which is the consequence of the rules of virtual world’s game. The only difference is our thinking gets improved. We can live more fearlessly, openly, and our materialistic desires do down. Probably we will not feel tensions for our expectations, we will not fight for identity, and we will not rush in everyday’s life. I feel unclutched and sometime the World (which is Virtual to me) appears funny, sometime I really wonder, how delicately creator has created this game, sometime I want to think about, what would I had done if I have been given the opportunity to be a GOD of some world.

In fact we can be GOD of a game, as demonstrated in this movie. This is exactly my concept of GOD. He is just playing a game and making the game more complex with time, developing the game with self control of its elements, like Animals, specially human beings.

Well, this is just a concept and nothing to challenge. My quest started from the question from different laws of destiny and nature. In time frame nothing is eternal, and everything has its destiny. That leads me to believe this concept.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Quest for God

The similarity between the Atomic Physics and Solar System is almost identical. Can we explain why it is?
It is basically the very basic pattern and it is repetitive. The basic laws (patterns) are elements of the big creation. This suffices to the concept of every man is GOD. Thus the divine soul is characterised from Almighty to us. That's why I can think this concept, as the same flow of thought has a patten in the game of today's virtual world.

My Conclusion is the best way to know GOD is to feel that you are a GOD of a Universe and what will you do to operate it. We can make better World than the existing one.
Creation can overrule creator, Like World’s best Chess Player have been defeated by Deep Blue Computer Chess system.

If we can create self evolution and auto evolving natural games we can be the God for that game. But it can not be done in a day. It will take time and it will pass thorough lot of stages. The creation of human being is not done in a day. It took million of years for the GOD (who put the logic in this self evolving system) to create man in this World. First he has built the basic components like a unicellular organism. Then the evolution and mutation has enabled us to shape today’s world.

They sometime the words of great men made me thinking as it contradicts with my concept.
""Look upon every man, woman, and everyone as God. You cannot help anyone, you can only serve: serve the children of the Lord, serve the Lord Himself, if you have the privilege." - Swami Vivekananda
"All God's creatures are His family; and he is the most beloved of God who tries to do most good to God's creatures." 1 -- DR. A.P.J. ABDUL KALAM (PRESIDENT OF INDIA)

Thus now I have two contradicting concepts.
"God is a game player and we all are a character of the game" - "Every creature is a GOD"
May be there is some contradiction, but it also has some explanation.

If one believe that his destiny is driven by the Almighty, then the best way is to make the World better is to serve the creatures. That's how we can tribute to GOD. Keep respect in God's creation and try to make it better, that's the purpose of our life.

So, finally these concept merged. The only difference is the viewpoint. From the view of a technocrat, I can feel, every man can be GOD my making one game or model; whereas from philosophical point of view, every man is a GOD as we all are creation of the Almighty, have potential Divine and sacred soul. Thus, its more of personalized perception of individuals to belief one of the concepts, or the orthodox religious concepts of GOD.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What Have We Discovered

me: I have set up my mind
My Friend: what
me: will do some research, either by myself or registering somewhere
My Friend: research = "search in Google"
My Friend: bloody people have already discovered / invented everything.. in 18th/19th/20th
me: but its nice to know all these things
me: and we will be closer to MOKSA
My Friend: ya - for own betterment only...true
moksa in unattainable
me: death sweet cool death
may be we have invented lot
but not the reality
moksa in unattainable - we can not say that
My Friend: why
me: bcoz we are far from the reality
we can not know the system being a part of it
there is a bigger world beyond our purview
My Friend: yes
but how do u get there
how do u break the bondage
me: thats the mystery
me: yes
My Friend: yes
me: may be we have invented lot of things
but its like a dustbin and red shirt in a room - the room is our world
My Friend: red shirt?
me: we are delighted to know different techniques of wearing shirt
and people are calling it innovation
My Friend: yes
me: but there is a big world beyond it
may be in different dimension
not in timeframe
My Friend: time or space
me: not in physical proximity
we are not close even to the basic truth
My Friend: hmm
me: DNA was created around 3.5 million years age
same as the living being
where is the correlations
My Friend: DNA code has been cracked
me: yes
but we only know the orientations of A G T C bases and there consequences
My Friend: hmm
me: its finding some streets
but why we have these streets
in which purpose it was created
why it changes and how
what law it followes
what is natures law
who controls it ?
is it automated
My Friend: yes


Monday, October 30, 2006


Oh, many a shaft at random sent
Finds mark the archer little meant!
And many a word at random spoken
May soothe, or wound, a heart that's broken!"-Sir Walter Scott

{I was going through (from Nithyananda) article in internet and the following thought came in my mind, the first 3 paragraphs have been taken from this site}

Thoughts are not necessarily correlated and sequential. Our thinking can come from any logic, it never follows pattern apparently. Our thoughts sometime are controlled and follow in a specific direction, but sometime illogical and irrational.

So, our entire belief in rationality and logic is based on the premise that your thinking is sequential and it follows a pattern is not always true. They are like the bubbles in a fish tank which appear connected; but there is no connection between one bubble and another. They are all independent. We make them dependent by applying consciousness and intelligence.
Just try this. For a few minutes, truthfully, write down all your thoughts as they occur to you. When you read what you have written again, it will appear to you that what you have written is a madman's diary.
We do not have control in our thoughts, and then are we all mad? No, not of course!
In every human brain thought flows in random way, jumping from past to present, future to past, fantasy to reality, logic to ritual thinking.

Then whom we call mad? May be we can define a person mad who does not have control on himself, by means of his random thought and activity and he is not able to follow specific guideline of living because of his mental disturbance, where most of thoughts playing beyond the specific logic of normal human being living in that civilization. So the concept of madness is also defined by us.
To proceed with our civilization, we need to follow some defined and specific ways of thinking and implementing then in our day to day work. In some of the multinational companies we advise people to have disciplined thought, disciplined word and disciplined action, to grow along with the company and as a result the industry grows and so as our civilization. To make our life more controlled, comfortable and systematic we need to perform disciplined activities. But still random illogical thoughts often come in our mind. Why they come?

Thoughts are combination of three major factors (Remembrance- Intelligence- Concentration).
1. Remembrance and dreams and incidents, recollecting ingredients from past – present – future give us the basic elements of thoughts.
2. Then the elements are processed in different logics in human brain- so logic in Brain also plays one role in thought generation – we call it Intelligence
3. Finally, our Consciousness/Willingness- the power of Concentration also decides which elements to be considered at that point of time and what logic has to be applied in it.

So, first the ingredients comes in our brain randomly, depending on the retrieval of either remembering things, or watching something or we can get elements by perception- listening -hearing, smelling or tasting etc. It’s the consciousness and logic of human brain that drives the flow of our thoughts. But why our brain fetches things from our memory randomly, if we are not concentrated in one particular issue. That means Consciousness and Random Processing or human brain is reciprocal and at any point of time if one is preciously defined, other can not be. For an example if you take a sample of your thoughts for few minutes and they are all random, then you can not determine the level of concentration to particular subject at that time, which leads us to think about Heisenberg’s Theory of Uncertainty.

My main objective is not to find the correlation between thought processing theory and Heisenberg’s Theory. What I have tried to say is Concentration and Random fetching is reciprocal. More you are concentrated in one subject, less the irrelevant thought will come in your mind.

Let’s see random things with Randomized Algorithm. A randomized algorithm or probabilistic algorithm is an algorithm which employs a degree of randomness as part of its logic. In common practice, this means that the machine implementing the algorithm has access to a pseudo-random number generator. Two examples have been given below after this article.

That means we can make some complex logic which will generate random numbers. So apparently they are random, but they must have a pattern and should follow some specific logic. Creating absolute Random number through Algorithm is impossible. May be possible by hardware, but there also the logic for movement of particles and its components will come into consideration.

Similarly the random thoughts and memories are also driven by some logic. The retrieval of thought elements is nothing but chemical reaction in human brain cell, embedded in DNA and Gene of the cell. This year we have seen that the US scientists won Nobel Prize in chemistry and medicine for their discovery of DNA/RNA interference and gene transcriptions. Scientists believe all organisms are to some extent controlled by their genetic make up.

I am not going into the details of these inventions. My intension is to demonstrate that there must have some patterns of random things. This pattern does not necessarily be programming software, but chemical pattern that follows a definite logic, apparently looks random movement, but is the consequence of some simultaneous iterative events.

There are some superstitions like do not burn 3 cigarettes with a matches stick or 13 people should not go somewhere, etc. It’s all because we have tried to find a pattern from the random incidents. I am not supporting these superstitions, but neither can wipe out that there can never be any correlations between numbers and incidents.

Coming back to random thoughts, we can very well say some chemical reaction is going on, with some defined rules which retrieve data from our memory. Now 'remembering' things and 'recalling' them on demand is one of the things that computers - particularly databases - can do very well. Search and recall is one of the hottest technologies and the iconic status in this space is held by Google, but Yahoo and MSN are close behind. If this search engine fails in Human Brain we call this trait as Alzheimers where the person is very much active from the processing of brains perspective, however his mind is affected to the extent that he cannot remember even the most basic of things. That means the search engine has crashed. The random logic is behaving randomly. Alzheimer is most probably a condition brought upon by genetic factors though there is still no unanimity in this regard.

So, from our own experience we can say that often thoughts are independent and we try to correlate them by our logic. Nithyananda - my friends asserted in his site “Connected thoughts are the foundation of all illusions and suffering”. I do not fully agree this conclusion. To me everything is illusion, starting from World, Universe, Events, Civilization, Dream, Destiny, and Relation to Thoughts and all often behaves randomly, though it seems that it follows a basic pattern apparently. Sometime everything behaves out of the pattern. This is exception and we can also call it randomness. Like the solar eclipse. In day time suddenly we can see that Sun disappears from view, either completely or partly. It can be an exception or random, but there is one logic behind it. It happens because moon comes between Sun and Earth.

Randomness is a property of all logic, which proves that these exceptions are the basis of the original rule. But in the nature of randomness varies from each entity to another entity. Like our thoughts are more random than the movement of earth. But if we take a bigger time span, or broad overview of the universe, it may happen that Earth is nothing but a particle moving in brawnier motion, randomly and unpredictably. It’s unpredictable because we have not revealed the logic behind it, but there is obviously some pattern which follows a logic behind all Brownian motion (The physical phenomenon where minute particles, immersed in a fluid or floating on its surface, move about randomly).

For an example if a programmer is writing a code with a complex logic and in most of the cases it is working as expected in desired logic, but sometime it is not consistent and behaving randomly, that means the programmer has written some additional logic reluctantly. But since the program behaving randomly that is also a part of some logic.
Sometimes we put random logic to handle exceptions, like recursions. If one program is working in repetitive pattern and after few executions we put some base rule (termination condition) for coming out of the pattern that is breaking the recursion. So randomness is also a part of exceptions rules.

Similarly for our random thinking there must be some fuzzy logic. I am firmly telling is because I believe the Universe is an illusion and somebody has created it. While creating he must have kept some logic for everything, be it small or big, living or inert. So the mystery of creation lies in the exceptions of patterns, in the randomness of the every activity.

Some reference from Wikipedia
Example 1 (in Mathematics)
Linear congruential generators (LCGs) represent one of the oldest and best-known pseudorandom number generator algorithms. The theory behind them is easy to understand, and they are easily implemented and fast. It is, however, well known that the properties of this class of generator are far from ideal. If higher quality random numbers are needed, and sufficient memory is available (~ 2 KBytes), then the Mersenne twister algorithm is a preferred choice.
LCGs are defined by the recurrence relation:
Where Vn is the sequence of random values and A, B and M are generator-specific integer constants. mod is the modulo operation.
The period of a general LCG is at most M, and in most cases less than that. The LCG will have a full period if:
1. B and M are relatively prime
2. A-1 is divisible by all prime factors of M.
3. A-1 is a multiple of 4 if M is a multiple of 4
4. M > max(A, B, V0)
5. A > 0, B > 0
Example 2 (in C++)
Given a random number seed that is greater or equal to zero. Given a total sample size greater than 1. Given a prime number that cannot be evenly divided into the total sample size.
A full cycle can be generated with the following logic.
Each number in the sample_size should occur once.
unsigned int random_seed = 0;
unsigned int sample_size = 3000;
unsigned int generated_number = random_seed % sample_size;
unsigned int prime_number = 7;
unsigned int increment = prime_number;
for(unsigned int iterator = 0; iterator < sample_size; ++iterator)
{ generated_number = (generated_number + increment) % sample_size;}

The term Brownian motion (in honor of the botanist Robert Brown) refers to either
The physical phenomenon where minute particles, immersed in a fluid or floating on its surface, move about randomly; or The mathematical models used to describe such random movements.
Recursion, in mathematics and computer science, is a method of defining functions in which the function being defined may be used within its own definition. The term is also used more generally to describe a process of repeating objects in a self-similar way. When two mirrors are pointed towards each other, the repeating images that occur are a form of recursion.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Laws of Nature

Emotion and passion is a source of our thinking and we often think that the Joy, sorrow, good, bad and agony ecstasy these are nothing but the part of life driven by “Laws of Nature”. I sometime wonder, how can nature make a law? Yes then how Sun rises, how moon rotates, wind blows, water flows, bird sings, star blinks, man lives and relation drives. I just want to discuss the nature’s law that controls our activities.

One of my friends (colleague) had a break up with her partner recently, and after getting divorced she started believing in Destiny. She told me – Destiny is unavoidable and sometime painful. I asked what is the physical interpretation is destiny? She told everything is documented somewhere and we can not escape from if. Who has written it and how it was written that nobody knows.

So for the time being, if we think that Destiny book exists physically somewhere and if we try to correlate between destiny and laws of nature, then the interpretation can be something like the following:
Let’s assume that the Book of Destiny is a self written script for all the living beings and all entities of this Universe. On the basis of certain rules, guidelines and parameters, Almighty is writing the book of Destiny. It has a correlation with our fait, and activities. (I am not going to assume how the remote connection is done with the real world and book of destiny).

Now the parameters that Almighty has taken into consideration for writing the Destiny book are some rules and some abstract elements. The elements of input give certain logic and rules which we call “Laws of Nature”. Based on these inputs (“Laws of Nature”) a complex logic gives a resultant and every entity in this universe behaves accordingly. This resultant is our Destiny. So, Laws of Nature is a set of defined rules and logic in Gods dictionary and the output of a complex logic is our Destiny, which results in our joy sorrow and describes all our movements and also decides our existence.

Let’s have a look to the laws of physical World. From the Ancient Age we have tried to define certain rules to be abided by all members of our society. It’s for having a systematic and controlled living, so that we can carry forward our civilization. Slowly we made Laws very complex and stable for better World, based on the environment of surroundings. The concept of Law and Justice came in our society and according to that we have set up some consequences (punishments) for them who break the rules of our society. The consequences decide the next state of the human being. Similarly if one contributes to the system, he can be awarded (materialistic or getting honor) by civilization.

The religious prophets also interpreted the Laws of God in the same way. In Hinduism the book of Chitragupta is the calculation of ones doings and he goes to heaven or hell accordingly. Another concept is one have to face all the consequences in his lifetime. Same concept is also in Islam. So, the script of destiny also changes if one takes the laws of nature in his hand and breaks it. That means the book of destiny changes for an entity in runtime, taking the input from the movement of that entity’s activity.

The pattern that we get here is making Laws. The creator has made laws that have been cascaded to the creations Earth. This pattern is everywhere, because creation is creator’s own image.

Now suppose you are making a game, let it be chess then you make some rules to play it and some rules for the movements of its entities. These rules are laws of your game. The laws of your game can make movements of the game element which decides their existence or next state. This illustrates the pattern that flows through creation.

But we can not only assume that God is only one who has the supreme authority for creating laws. Someone has restricted God by his own law. He is the Creator of God’s Universe. God also has a destiny and limitations for building our universe through his laws of nature.

So making law and rules, and building game, universe, World, Human being is a flow which is being inherited from creator to creation.

P.S.: I personally do not agree the full concept of Destiny which is driven by laws of nature, written somewhere. My feeling is that, in addition to the Almighty’s play with the rules of the nature, the pattern of law flows through DNA in our world, which decides our fate.

I believe in GOD, the almighty of this Universe, who is playing with us. Science and Technology has not reached to explore the laws of Nature yet, but at the same time I can’t agree that which science can not describe that we should leave to GOD. Rather I want to start on that point, if I am a GOD of one game, what I could do. That can explain the mystery of creation.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Chat with one of my firends yesterday

Me: Tell friend..
3:47 PM If I work for IBM.. what will I achieve ?
My Friend: I understand what u r saying..
me: Max I will be project manager and then?
My Friend: but please understand that all of us either directly or indirectly are heading towards the TRUTH
me: Even if I become a manager.. Does it make any difference?
My Friend: ok
3:48 PM me: What kind of Truth?
My Friend: TRUTH is your real nature... the form of GOD.... or GOD itself
What you said Moksha is another interpretation for it
3:49 PM may be i am going off the lighter discussion....
3:50 PM me: Yes u r right
3:51 PM I also think so
My Friend: so don't bother ... continue to do your duties.. That’s what we are all here for
me: but just a casual question
My Friend: ya?
me: What is your thought about the creation of Universe and Human being
3:52 PM where it ends
My Friend: I am not the right person because I don’t know my self first
and to talk about such a big thing will be my ignorance
3:53 PM You have faith in GOD ?
3:54 PM me: Ya
Because I think someone is playing with us
Have u seen Matrix?
My Friend: ya
3:55 PM me: I believe in that Phylosophy
My Friend: matrix philosophy is drawn from our epics
me: we can not know ourselves and the system of Universe, being in this system
My Friend: here the man who has designed / programmed us is the Brahma
3:56 PM me: Newtons Law, you can not push a car, seating into it
My Friend: hahahaha
me: Yahhhh
My Friend: u r correct
3:57 PM
me: Veda and Matrix are quite similar
My Friend: You are from Bengal right?
me: But still I guess ... something we can not reveal through science
Yes boss
3:58 PM My Friend: u never happened to go to Ramakrishna mutt
me: Yaa
I do
3:59 PM My Friend: so must have read the missions books there... biography of Sri Ramakrishna paramhansa
i too
that will answer many of our questions
My Friend: it's like those books will take us to the pond
4:00 PM but ultimately it is thru our own sadhan that we can realize ourselves to be one with God
me: Yes
U r right
My Friend: and thats should be ones ultimate goal of his present birth
me: But u know
4:01 PM My Friend: tell me
me: The concept of Veda and Matrix was not matching with the concept of Vivekananda apparently
Thats making me thinking more and more
4:02 PM but I guess I will find a relation
4:03 PM My Friend: hmmm.... matrix is not everything ... nut our epics and vedas are COMPLETE in tiself
so dont get boggled in finding a relation
me: Why?
4:04 PM Some concepts tells that Man is God
So Serve Man, U r Serving God.. But why and what for?
Why I have to serve God
4:06 PM My Friend: serving God is not literal message there... u do it to remove the dust and all that filth u would have accumulated on your soul by your bad deeds in your past janma. by wiping out the dirt from your soul you will finally find your self to be god. and to clean yourself u need to do good to the human kind
4:07 PM me: Gr8 explanation boss
Tell me one thing
4:08 PM do you want every human to take the concept of Hinduism?
My Friend: NO
me: I am impressed
4:09 PM I also think....
My Friend: u can realize your godly nature by firmly believing in him ....
and various religions are the way showing us
me: But you know - What I think about GOD ?
4:10 PM He is nothing but a creator of a game .. playing with us..
My Friend: Hinduism could be by road, Islam could be by air, Christianity could be by means of ship... ultimately all of us are to reach the same divinity
me: And basically he is a character of another game.. Somebody is playing with him
4:11 PM :-)
My Friend: u r again getting into matrix dear
me: All what we are doing is virtual and the game code in our gene.. Constantly changing with nature
4:12 PM :-)
But u know.. I have never seen Matrix
My Friend: oooops
me: I like to
My Friend: is ur imagination at work then?
me: searched the CD here
4:13 PM My Friend: that’s great
me: somebody told that I am thinking like Matrix :-)
Noting boss
Actually one software - Second life brought this thought in my mind
4:14 PM My Friend: ok, interesting discussion we had for today. Thanks

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

First post

What is God? Why this question came to my mind?

I don't know, but I am sure God exists. May not be in the form we think, may not be in the homogeneous platform, like in time space dimension, but obviously somewhere..

The God of this Universe, who is playing with us and creating different species , controlling the Universe with complex logic is the creator of this Game. Yes, a Game. I believe the absolute reality is non existent, and we also are living in the world of illusion.
He has his own limitation and destiny. He is also being controlled by someone and who knows whether he is a character of another game !!

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