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Thursday, January 18, 2007

New Movie

Again, I am pretty much moved by watching one movie of virtual reality in Prithwis da’s blog ( This is the concept that was driving me for last few months, that whether we are real or not. My understanding is we are not, we are simply the part of a game, and we are also not perpetual. I know this topic can never be proven in a virtual world we are living. But if anything has an end, it is not real. Because, reality is beyond time and space and as old as OM, timelessness.
[What is the significance of the symbol OM?Om is more than an auspicious symbol. It is the Divine Sound, the first sound of Creation from which life emerged. Its chanting generates creative energy, divine energy, in all forms of existence, in all three states of the mind.]

Frankly speaking, it never matters whether we are real or virtual. We all have a destiny, which is the consequence of the rules of virtual world’s game. The only difference is our thinking gets improved. We can live more fearlessly, openly, and our materialistic desires do down. Probably we will not feel tensions for our expectations, we will not fight for identity, and we will not rush in everyday’s life. I feel unclutched and sometime the World (which is Virtual to me) appears funny, sometime I really wonder, how delicately creator has created this game, sometime I want to think about, what would I had done if I have been given the opportunity to be a GOD of some world.

In fact we can be GOD of a game, as demonstrated in this movie. This is exactly my concept of GOD. He is just playing a game and making the game more complex with time, developing the game with self control of its elements, like Animals, specially human beings.

Well, this is just a concept and nothing to challenge. My quest started from the question from different laws of destiny and nature. In time frame nothing is eternal, and everything has its destiny. That leads me to believe this concept.

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krystyna said...

Whether we are real or not?
My understanding is rather - we are. But your concept has sense.

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