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Friday, October 20, 2006

Chat with one of my firends yesterday

Me: Tell friend..
3:47 PM If I work for IBM.. what will I achieve ?
My Friend: I understand what u r saying..
me: Max I will be project manager and then?
My Friend: but please understand that all of us either directly or indirectly are heading towards the TRUTH
me: Even if I become a manager.. Does it make any difference?
My Friend: ok
3:48 PM me: What kind of Truth?
My Friend: TRUTH is your real nature... the form of GOD.... or GOD itself
What you said Moksha is another interpretation for it
3:49 PM may be i am going off the lighter discussion....
3:50 PM me: Yes u r right
3:51 PM I also think so
My Friend: so don't bother ... continue to do your duties.. That’s what we are all here for
me: but just a casual question
My Friend: ya?
me: What is your thought about the creation of Universe and Human being
3:52 PM where it ends
My Friend: I am not the right person because I don’t know my self first
and to talk about such a big thing will be my ignorance
3:53 PM You have faith in GOD ?
3:54 PM me: Ya
Because I think someone is playing with us
Have u seen Matrix?
My Friend: ya
3:55 PM me: I believe in that Phylosophy
My Friend: matrix philosophy is drawn from our epics
me: we can not know ourselves and the system of Universe, being in this system
My Friend: here the man who has designed / programmed us is the Brahma
3:56 PM me: Newtons Law, you can not push a car, seating into it
My Friend: hahahaha
me: Yahhhh
My Friend: u r correct
3:57 PM
me: Veda and Matrix are quite similar
My Friend: You are from Bengal right?
me: But still I guess ... something we can not reveal through science
Yes boss
3:58 PM My Friend: u never happened to go to Ramakrishna mutt
me: Yaa
I do
3:59 PM My Friend: so must have read the missions books there... biography of Sri Ramakrishna paramhansa
i too
that will answer many of our questions
My Friend: it's like those books will take us to the pond
4:00 PM but ultimately it is thru our own sadhan that we can realize ourselves to be one with God
me: Yes
U r right
My Friend: and thats should be ones ultimate goal of his present birth
me: But u know
4:01 PM My Friend: tell me
me: The concept of Veda and Matrix was not matching with the concept of Vivekananda apparently
Thats making me thinking more and more
4:02 PM but I guess I will find a relation
4:03 PM My Friend: hmmm.... matrix is not everything ... nut our epics and vedas are COMPLETE in tiself
so dont get boggled in finding a relation
me: Why?
4:04 PM Some concepts tells that Man is God
So Serve Man, U r Serving God.. But why and what for?
Why I have to serve God
4:06 PM My Friend: serving God is not literal message there... u do it to remove the dust and all that filth u would have accumulated on your soul by your bad deeds in your past janma. by wiping out the dirt from your soul you will finally find your self to be god. and to clean yourself u need to do good to the human kind
4:07 PM me: Gr8 explanation boss
Tell me one thing
4:08 PM do you want every human to take the concept of Hinduism?
My Friend: NO
me: I am impressed
4:09 PM I also think....
My Friend: u can realize your godly nature by firmly believing in him ....
and various religions are the way showing us
me: But you know - What I think about GOD ?
4:10 PM He is nothing but a creator of a game .. playing with us..
My Friend: Hinduism could be by road, Islam could be by air, Christianity could be by means of ship... ultimately all of us are to reach the same divinity
me: And basically he is a character of another game.. Somebody is playing with him
4:11 PM :-)
My Friend: u r again getting into matrix dear
me: All what we are doing is virtual and the game code in our gene.. Constantly changing with nature
4:12 PM :-)
But u know.. I have never seen Matrix
My Friend: oooops
me: I like to
My Friend: is ur imagination at work then?
me: searched the CD here
4:13 PM My Friend: that’s great
me: somebody told that I am thinking like Matrix :-)
Noting boss
Actually one software - Second life brought this thought in my mind
4:14 PM My Friend: ok, interesting discussion we had for today. Thanks

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