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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Laws of Nature

Emotion and passion is a source of our thinking and we often think that the Joy, sorrow, good, bad and agony ecstasy these are nothing but the part of life driven by “Laws of Nature”. I sometime wonder, how can nature make a law? Yes then how Sun rises, how moon rotates, wind blows, water flows, bird sings, star blinks, man lives and relation drives. I just want to discuss the nature’s law that controls our activities.

One of my friends (colleague) had a break up with her partner recently, and after getting divorced she started believing in Destiny. She told me – Destiny is unavoidable and sometime painful. I asked what is the physical interpretation is destiny? She told everything is documented somewhere and we can not escape from if. Who has written it and how it was written that nobody knows.

So for the time being, if we think that Destiny book exists physically somewhere and if we try to correlate between destiny and laws of nature, then the interpretation can be something like the following:
Let’s assume that the Book of Destiny is a self written script for all the living beings and all entities of this Universe. On the basis of certain rules, guidelines and parameters, Almighty is writing the book of Destiny. It has a correlation with our fait, and activities. (I am not going to assume how the remote connection is done with the real world and book of destiny).

Now the parameters that Almighty has taken into consideration for writing the Destiny book are some rules and some abstract elements. The elements of input give certain logic and rules which we call “Laws of Nature”. Based on these inputs (“Laws of Nature”) a complex logic gives a resultant and every entity in this universe behaves accordingly. This resultant is our Destiny. So, Laws of Nature is a set of defined rules and logic in Gods dictionary and the output of a complex logic is our Destiny, which results in our joy sorrow and describes all our movements and also decides our existence.

Let’s have a look to the laws of physical World. From the Ancient Age we have tried to define certain rules to be abided by all members of our society. It’s for having a systematic and controlled living, so that we can carry forward our civilization. Slowly we made Laws very complex and stable for better World, based on the environment of surroundings. The concept of Law and Justice came in our society and according to that we have set up some consequences (punishments) for them who break the rules of our society. The consequences decide the next state of the human being. Similarly if one contributes to the system, he can be awarded (materialistic or getting honor) by civilization.

The religious prophets also interpreted the Laws of God in the same way. In Hinduism the book of Chitragupta is the calculation of ones doings and he goes to heaven or hell accordingly. Another concept is one have to face all the consequences in his lifetime. Same concept is also in Islam. So, the script of destiny also changes if one takes the laws of nature in his hand and breaks it. That means the book of destiny changes for an entity in runtime, taking the input from the movement of that entity’s activity.

The pattern that we get here is making Laws. The creator has made laws that have been cascaded to the creations Earth. This pattern is everywhere, because creation is creator’s own image.

Now suppose you are making a game, let it be chess then you make some rules to play it and some rules for the movements of its entities. These rules are laws of your game. The laws of your game can make movements of the game element which decides their existence or next state. This illustrates the pattern that flows through creation.

But we can not only assume that God is only one who has the supreme authority for creating laws. Someone has restricted God by his own law. He is the Creator of God’s Universe. God also has a destiny and limitations for building our universe through his laws of nature.

So making law and rules, and building game, universe, World, Human being is a flow which is being inherited from creator to creation.

P.S.: I personally do not agree the full concept of Destiny which is driven by laws of nature, written somewhere. My feeling is that, in addition to the Almighty’s play with the rules of the nature, the pattern of law flows through DNA in our world, which decides our fate.

I believe in GOD, the almighty of this Universe, who is playing with us. Science and Technology has not reached to explore the laws of Nature yet, but at the same time I can’t agree that which science can not describe that we should leave to GOD. Rather I want to start on that point, if I am a GOD of one game, what I could do. That can explain the mystery of creation.

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